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Polished pea cereal

Low in fats and high in fiber, peas are considered an excellent food for reducing the cholesterol levels, maintaining the digestive function and regulating energy levels.

Ample nutrients make peas an ideal food for vegetarians and vegans, ensuring proper consumption of essential protein, minerals and vitamins:

  • bind toxins and cholesterol in the GI tract;
  • support normal gut flora and normalize the intestinal function;
  • improve the general health and normalize body weight.

Peas contain more proteins than meat. Moreover, peas contain more carbohydrates (including dietary fiber) that meat lacks.

The special technology of crushing peas at MAKFA helps to significantly reduce the cooking time (down to 35 min) and make cooking complex pea meals simple.
Try a variety of pea recipes: spicy pea soup, falafel, Arabic peas with aubergines, pea flapjacks, Chinese pea soup with ginger, pea curry and Thai hummus.

Traditional cereal for healthy eating and daily menu

Product propertie:

  • GOST 6201-68
  • Nutrition facts and energy - 299 kcal/1252 kJ

  • GMO-free
Polished pea cereal

Shelf life 20 months

700 g.

Cooking time 35 min

Beware of fakes!