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Polished long-grain rice

According to some data, rice is the core grain crop for the sixth part of the world’s population, to other data, - even for the half of the whole mankind. In many densely populated areas of the Earth, it is the main, and sometimes the only, food.

The main share in the global consumption of cereals traditionally belongs to rice (42%), but the difference among countries is tremendous. For example, the rice consumption in Russia is about 5.2 kg per person annually, in China - 78.5 kg per person annually, in Asia as a whole - about 150 kg per person annually, in the UK - 5.6 kg, here, 80% of the population buy predominantly white rice.

Steam processing is one of the technologies aimed at improving rice qualities, and such processing largely improves rice grains. The processing is as follows: rough rice is soaked in water, and then hot steamed under pressure. After that, grains are dried and polished like ordinary rice. After processing, steamed rice grains get amber-yellow and translucent.

White polished rice contains up to 70% starch, up to 75% carbohydrates, in general, and 2.2% fiber. In addition to carbohydrates, rice is rich in protein similar in its composition to animal protein (up to 12%), and fat (up to 4%) with minimum vitamins. Rice protein has good dietary qualities and contains essential amino acids.

Rice is an inexhaustible source of great meals. We selected the best recipes based on Russian short-grain rice and adapted them to meet different taste preferences: Polish tomato soup, rice pudding with pear and lemon, lemon risotto, Arabic rice, muhalabiya (rice pudding), meatballs with rice... you name it.

Traditional cereal for healthy eating and daily menu

Product propertie:

  • First grade. GOST 6292-93 Rice cereal.
  • Nutrition facts and energy - 333 kcal/1394 kJ

  • GMO-free
Polished long-grain rice

Shelf life 18 months

800 g.

Cooking time 20 min

Beware of fakes!