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Instant Rolled Oats

Instant Rolled Oats

Shelf life 12 months

400 g.

Cooking time 1 min

Beware of fakes!

In the heart of Eurasia, there is a unique land, which is famous for its green and pure herbs and grains. The Altai Territory is a place of strength and pristine nature. That's why we chose it for the manufacture of our cereals and flakes, making genuine and healthy food. The technology of gentle rolling helps to retain all healthy grain properties.

Why MAKFA oats are better?

  • We use only selected grains raised on hearty Altai fields.

  • We apply three-stages purification and sort the grains.

  • First, we steam the whole grains to make them tender, flavorsome and easier to cook.

  • Then we gently roll the oats using a modern technology to preserve all nutrients of every grain.

Product properties:

  • New packaging format: a barrier film with premium lavsan cover. It keeps the product safe from insects, mold, etc.

  • Less time for cooking - only 1 minute.

  • Two cooking methods: in a microwave or on a regular stove.

  • Distinctive design adapted for the U.S. and Israel.

  • No added sugar, rich in fiber, made from whole grains.

  • GMO free