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Production centers

Our business processes ensure control across all stages of manufacture: from raw materials to purchase by end consumers. We are convinced that continuous market analysis, strict quality control of raw materials and materials used in the manufacture, as well as active support of sales strategies are keys to success.

MAKFA sites have certified labs with hundreds of flour tests daily:

Analysis of raw materials - mill blend (ash content, gluten, falling number)
Measuring flour strength, elasticity and extensibility using the alveograph
Color test - flour whiteness parameters
Measuring flour moisture

All MAKFA products pass a 2-tier control that ensures the lack of GMOs (genetically modified organisms):

  1. Analysis of raw materials
  2. Analysis of finished products

All MAKFA products have certificates to prove they are GMO-free under the current laws of the Russian Federation.

Virtual tour

Welcome to our virtual tour. You will find yourself at MAKFA’s manufacturing site and see how we make white flour: