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Double-wave lasagna

Double-wave lasagna

賞味期限 24 months

個包装バリエーション 500 g

調理時間 according to the recipe


Lasagna is designed for baking in special pans, with layers of various fillings (meat, vegetable, cheese, seafood) and sauces (Béchamel, Bolognese). MAKFA lasagna has a double wave along the edges, thus, the meal is more juicy and keeps its shape.

Product properties:

  • Ingredients:
    • durum wheat flour for high-grade pasta
    • drinking water
  • A group pasta, high grade
  • GOST 31743
  • Nutrition facts and energy - 344 kcal/1440 kJ
  • GMO-free
  • from 100% durum wheat
  • no additives and colors