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High calcium pasta: new way to make pasta healthier

Livingood products are for health and wellbeing.

LIVINGOOD high calcium pasta contains 30% of the daily calcium requirement thanks to adding calcified algae into composition. Calcium is better absorbed in small doses with meals.

A serving of LIVINGOOD HIGH CALCIUM PASTA is an excellent solution for replenishing calcium in the body.

What is calcified algae?

  • Vegetable origin — algae grow in the waters of the north atlantic
  • Unique composition — algae contains 72 trace elements
  • Bioavailability due to porous structure


  • GMO-free
  • From 100% durum wheat
  • No additives and colors
  • Contains gluten
  • Nutrition facts and energy — 367 kcal/1555 kJ

INGREDIENTS: dark durum wheat flour, dry calcified algae, drinking water


Calcium in Livingood High calcium pasta has 100% plant origin (Iceland), so the body absorbs it much better. It is a tasty and affordable alternative to nutritional supplements at any age.

One serving of LIVINGOOD High Calcium pasta contains 300 mg of calcium!


Calcium is an essential micronutrient that helps maintain healthy bones. The human body can not synthesize calcium on its own, but absorbs it well with food.


Calcium in seaweed supports normal functioning of the body, it is essential for bone maintenance and contributes to normal muscle function.