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What is glycaemic index?

Any food containing carbohydrates, when consumed, increases blood sugar levels. If you drink 100 grams of pure glucose liquid, then after 1 hour it will be wholly absorbed in the blood stream, so it has been assumed that the glycemic index (GI) for glucose is 100. And if you eat a piece of rye bread containing the equivalent of one hundred grams of glucose, then after 1 hour the blood glucose level will rise by 53% compared with the glucose solution. This means that the GI value for rye bread is 53. In general, the lower the GI of a certain food product, the slower it “releases” glucose into the blood stream, the longer and fuller it is consumed by the body and the less glucose is stored. That is, a low GI value is a sign of a “healthy” product. The Mediterranean diet is packed with low GI foods. MAKFA’s range offers a wide variety of low GI groceries.

GI value of some foods that make up the classic Mediterranean diet

Food product GI
White flour wheat bread 70
Whole flour wheat bread 69
Rye bread 76
Pita 57
Spaghetti 43
Meat ravioli 39
Fettuccine with eggs 32
Buckwheat 54
Bulgur 48
Basmati rice 58
Brown rice 55
Long-grain white rice 56
Short-grain rice 72
Fruit & berries
Apple 38
Banana 55
Cherry 22
Grapefruit 25
Grapes 46
Kiwi 52
Mango 55
Orange 44
Papaya 58
Peach 38
Pineapple 66
Plum 39
Watermelon 103
Broccoli 10
Cabbage 10
Carrot 49
Corn 55
Green peas 48
Lettuce 10
Mushrooms 10
Onion 10
Potato (baked) 93
Potato (mashed, instant) 86
New potato 62
Potato (French fries) 75
Paprika 10
Pumpkin 75
Sweet potato 54
Milk & dairy
Whole milk 22
Skim milk 32
Skim yogurt 33
Ice cream 50
Chickpeas 33
Lentils 30
Lima (lima beans) 32
Red beans 27
White beans 31
Soybeans 18