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MAKFA flour is an all-purpose assistant in baking bread with a crispy golden crust and soft aerated crumb. It is used both for automatic home bakers, and for manual baking in conventional ovens.

MAKFA flour helps to make excellent pies, pancakes and buns, as well as ravioli and vareniki.

MAKFA wheat flour can be added to soups, sauces, second courses and even desserts.

Sustainable flour quality is ensured through the selection of grain blends. Thus, we achieve quality consistency and established properties of finished products regardless of a particular crop and without chemical additives. MAKFA does not use chemical bleachers in its flour manufacture.

Whiteness and airiness are achieved solely through aeration - saturation with oxygen during flour transfer in the pneumatic system across the production stages and the right conditions for aging.

Aging is a flow process, when flour “rests” after the production cycle, and its consumer qualities improve.

Grains are milled into flour with 112 µm particle size - about 1/10 mm. Such milling makes premium flour, and the size of particles is of great importance for the quality of future bread.

MAKFA is the only federal flour brand* in the Russian Federation.

Choose a special type of flour for the best results!

_____________________ *According to Nielsen`s report on the audit of retail trade in the pasta and flour category for the period November 2021 –October 2022, with respect to the retail market in the Russian Federation as December 2022.