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Video recipes

For centuries, Russia has been famed worldwide for its hospitality. The famous generous Russian dinners served with all one’s heart have become a matter of our national pride. We are pleased to invite everyone to a generously and beautifully served dinner to share the best our country has. MAKFA’s new mission is to acquaint the people from Europe, Asia and East with a variety of cereals, including buckwheat that has been rightfully named a national treasure of Russian agriculture.

Organic, delicious vitality-powered cereals have formed the basis for MAKFA’s new original recipes. Top chefs have carefully studied the authentic recipes of European, Asian, and Eastern cuisines to select the most interesting and popular ones, and then developed new recipes, introducing certain cereals.

Every dish was heartfully created and tested, as we have selected only the most interesting and modern recipes.

National characteristics, climate details, flavor habits and customs of various peoples as well as state-of-the-art dietetics — everything was taken into account. Latest studies by the world’s premier nutritionists prove that cereals and cereal-based foods are fundamental for a healthy daily human diet. Gastroenterologists and nutritionists as well as nutrition experts around the world agree cereal-based foods can help a person of today, vibrant and mobile, fill in the needs in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. All those experts recommend daily consumption of cereal-based foods for both children and adults. Various cereals can and should be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

MAKFA offers a large collection of unique recipes based on cereals (buckwheat, millet, semolina, rice, corn, and peas), where anyone will find something to their taste as well as plenty of new ideas on how to cook excellent everyday or holiday dishes for you and your loved ones.

Russia’s top healthy eating specialists, staff of the Nutrition Research Institute and premier health centers have reviewed those recipes from the point of view of advanced knowledge about the nutritional properties of cereals and other products. That's why we can confidently assert that we offer our customers only the best cereals and cereal-based recipes. Enjoy cooking and stay healthy!

China and South-Eastern Asia
Tuna Pasta Salad
Tuna Pasta Salad

10 minutes