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Warm Chinese Salad with Minced Pork

Warm Chinese Salad with Minced Pork
4 servings

1 package (225 g) Makfa capellini nests

30 g ginger root

1 red chili pepper

1 bunch of cilantro

2 tbsp sesame oil

3 tbsp soy sauce

100 g sesame seeds

300 g minced pork

300 ml meat broth


freshly ground black pepper

25 minutes

Additional properties For kids


1. Boil pasta in slightly salted water for 4 minutes according to the instructions on the packaging to al dente perfection. Get it in a colander.

2. Peel ginger root and grate finely (1 tsp as a result), dig out seeds and membranes from chili pepper, mince the pulp, chop cilantro finely (keep a couple of sprigs for decoration).

3. Make sesame oil white-hot in a large wok pan, add soy sauce, and saute ginger, chili and sesame seeds for 30 seconds. Add minced meat and fry for 3-4 minutes.

4. Pour in 2-3 ladles of broth and smother for 10 minutes. Place macaroni in the wok, add pepper, and mix. Decorate the salad with cilantro leaves and serve right away without letting it cold.

Cuisine China and South-Eastern Asia
Dish type Entrees